How gardening can improve your health?

The health benefits of gardening know no age, health condition or gender boundary. Whether you’re single, wheelchair-bound and raising strawberries in a container or have mapped out your garden patch in your yard for corn, tomatoes, green beans and carrots for your family of five; the benefits of vegetable gardening carry more than organic and nutritional value. The spiritual, physical, mental and emotional value of sowing seeds and planting plants, watching them grow into something beautiful or edible, is fascinating, fun and relaxing. The exercise benefit can’t be beat, either. Light gardening burns calories with all the bending and stooping to plant or to maintain your flowers or food. Gardening gives you physical exercise, mental and emotional satiety and sense of good spirit and most everyone loves to play in the dirt, no matter what your age! Get those kids in the garden from day one, get physical, bring the family together through work and harvest or find ways to share your bounty and ensuing benefits.