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Circular Patio Paving Design Idea

Our homes are generally rectangular, or at least linear – but that doesn’t mean our outdoor living spaces need to be! While the size and shape of a patio is often dictated by the landscape, a circular patio has an appeal that square or rectangular patios can’t match. While you can have separate activity zones within a round patio, there’s also the sense that the zones belong together, much like an open-concept home. This is a bit more difficult to achieve with a square or rectangular patio, because people tend to want each zone to gravitate toward its own corner; or, they place everything in the middle, and then create awkward right-angle traffic patterns around dining tables or other features.

Circles offer an easier and more organic traffic pattern that actually encourages circulation and mingling within the space. We humans have been sitting in a circle around fires since the dawn of man and we are attracted to intimate spaces where we feel cocooned (without feeling completely enclosed). Whether your patio features a fire pit or a simple dining table, it just feels good to be in a circle. Nothing in nature is perfectly straight, and it can look awkward to impose straight lines into the natural features of a landscape. Given that homes are rarely round, the addition of a circular patio helps ease the transition between the human-oriented zone of the home and the nature-oriented zone of the landscape.

Circular feature is ideal to use on:

  • Patios
  • Around trees
  • In circular spa pools
  • Swimming pools
  • Ponds
  • Gazebos

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