DIY Easy Bucket Water

Irrigation System Idea

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DIY Easy Bucket Water Irrigation System Idea

A simple and effective watering system can be made using a raised bucket or drum attached to sprinkler hose. If you’re gardening in an area with limited access to water, this is a good option. Try this bucket irrigation system to save you water. Ideally, set up one bucket system per bed.


  • Strong bucket. If you can buy one with a tap on the side so much the better
  • Plastic tap
  • Length drip irrigation hose
  • Stopper
  • Bricks or logs to raise the bucket


  • Drill a hole in the side of the bucket. Using a sharp knife, enlarge it bit by bit until the tap can be squeezed into it.
  • Place the bucket on logs next to the bed.
  • Attach the hose to the tap and lay it evenly across the surface of the bed.
  • Plug the end of the hose with the stopper. Fill the bucket with water and turn tap on.

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