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Stunning Garden Water Features

Stunning garden water features, we offer a wide range of fibreglass, cement and artificial rock water features, stone fountains and outdoor water features. Water features add interest to a garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Installing custom-designed and built water features from the skilled professionals at Landscaping Cape Town, is the perfect way to add stunning, stimulating, and soothing elements to your outdoor living spaces. We always strive for total customer satisfaction with every project. A water feature could be as simple as a hanging wall fountain to as elaborate as a courtyard tiered outdoor fountain. If it fits your space, a floor fountain with led lights might be called for. The addition of a pond or pool with water pump to your setting is also a water feature. The relaxing sound of a water feature is longer reserved for a select few. By installing exotic water feature, make your garden come to life. You can enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of flowing water and the Zen of colourful koi fish to entertain you!

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